Carte Blanche


I had the honor of being invited by Form magazine to design a poster for their Carte Blanche limited edition poster series, for their May/June 2013 issue, in collaboration with the Berlin furniture design duo, Studio Hausen.
At the time of this project, we were all based in three different cities, so the whole project was developed over Skype and emails. Right from the beginning, we all agreed that we wanted to do something minimalist and strong that would allow for interaction to occur. Additionally, we wanted the project to relate to the field of industrial design (through materiality and volume) as well as the field of graphic design, through the use of typography.Our projects draws inspiration from the likes of Paul Jackson, AG Fronzoni, Joseph Albees and was well as the DIY (do it yourself) movement. The result is a poster that requires input from the end-user to be complete.