The New York based electronic experimental rock band DinMachine, hired me to develop the Logo & CD cover design for their first album Dance to Reason. I also designed a t-shirt for the CD launching.
DinMachine is a collaboration between Nisi Jacobs and Michael J. Schumacher. They have been making music together since 2009 and have performed at renown places, such as MoMA New York. Ken Jacobs (a world renowned experimental filmmaker) has used both Schumacher’s and DinMachine’s music for his published films. When asking Nisi and Michael about themselves, the band and the music they create together, they came up with some information that I found very interesting to work with: “We want to grab people with the music, get them moving”. “DinMachine’s music has been generally described as non-classifiable”. “Our music, we feel, has elements that are very engaging and involving, and others that need distance and detachment”. “We like the idea of hot vs cold, engaging sexiness”.
For the logo, I decided to work with the concept of “non-classifiable” as well as the idea of contrast/opposite. I made an experimental logo, mixing capital and lower cases letters in order to create something that defies classification. The letters are all cut differently which adds movement and vibration to the logo which echoes the music they produce. As for the CD cover, I played with the idea of sexiness, opposition (cold vs hot, engage/detach) and movement.