Its Up To You

For a school project at HEAD–Geneva, in collaboration with the RATP (Parisian autonomous transport society), we were invited to create a 10 second long animation to wish the passengers a happy new year 2014.
The animations were shown on the large HD screens at the Franklin Roosevelt and Europe metro stops in Paris, France. My intention was to confront the public with themselves and make them reflect on who they are and how they behave with others. I thought that I could address this premise in more than one way. Thus, I decided to also create two posters: one deriving from the animation and the other completely independent of it.
For It's up to you, featured in this page, which is based on the animation, I handled the subject in a more subtle, abstract and, somehow, poetic way. I inserted a small text in the center of the poster so that people would have to get very close to it, in order to read the text “it's up to you” while they will also see themselves reflected in the mirror at a really close range enhancing the effect of confrontation.
Discover the other poster Goes around, comes around here.

Poster: 50x70cm / Screen printing: black and white on mirror paper / 20 copies.